0 km traditional Piedmont cuisine

Cuisine of the Langhe with 0 KM products – Farmhouse

Our dishes are an experience made of ancient flavours enhanced by local products


Traditional menu, seasonal dishes

Our gastronomic offer is based on traditional recipes and is linked to the typical products of the area, with us you will find homemade pasta, appetizers with vegetables from the garden, desserts made with hazelnuts, obviously our own production.

Some of our dishes: Tonno di Coniglio, omelettes and savoury pie with seasonal vegetables, tajarin, plin agnolotti pasta, roast guinea-fowl, hazelnut cake, Brut and Bun, Bunat.

Traditional artisanal methods

Here you can enjoy the taste of fresh homemade pasta; tajarin, stuffed pasta like Plin agnolotti, as good as grandmother’s.
We also make baked products such as breadsticks and chickpea Farinata cooked in a wood-fired oven.

True and genuine flavours

A journey of authentic flavours…