IGP Certified Piedmont Hazelnut, Km 0 Products in Cravanzana

IGP Certified Piedmont Hazelnut.
Ancient rural knowledge and respect for the land


Cravanzana, fine land for the production of hazelnuts

We specialized in the cultivation of the valuable “IGP Certified Piedmont Hazelnut”, also known as “Tonda Gentile delle Langhe”.
The property covers about 10 hectares, nearly entirely with hazel groves, like almost all the farms in the municipality of Cravanzana, which is, historically, one of the major production centres.

IGP Certified Piedmont Hazelnut, unique fragfrance and taste

It is therefore possible, if you are interested, to visit our hazel groves and deepen the knowledge of this cultivation in all aspects. Naturally included the tasting of both IGP Certified Piedmont Hazelnuts and products made with hazelnuts.


Valuable flavours

We cultivate the products of the land in a sustainable way

Only seasonal fruits and vegetables produced locally. Our farm also cultivates vegetables and fruits in a sustainable way, protecting the health of consumers and the environment. All the products of our garden are used for the preparation of our dishes, using therefore only seasonal products.